Get To Know Dancook

A Dancook grill is beautiful to look at and designed to last a lifetime. Our grills combine exclusive Scandinavian design with solid quality and high functionality, making for the very best cooking results.

The history of Dancook dates back to 1992, when we began to develop functional and elegant quality barbecues. The Danes have a long history of cooking outdoors. Our grills reflect the Danish tradition of gathering around an outdoor fire with family and friends while enjoying the serenity of nature.

Originally a family-owned business, the Dancook brand grew in scope and became renowned internationally for its stylish and superior cooking-quality grills. Char-Broil acquired the Dancook brand in 2011 and introduced the grills to eager U.S. grillers. What remains unchanged, however, is Dancook’s commitment to customers. The goal remains the same as it was when Dancook began: to create simple, high quality cookware for the best possible cooking results.

Whether you’re planning a BBQ on the terrace, a gourmet outing on the beach or a simple meal in the garden, Dancook grills make it even sweeter to cook out. Find the grill that fits you… find Dancook.